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New server for

Many of you may have found a number of different error messages displayed between the 4th & 5th Jan when visiting and Unfortunately due to the size of the site the server we were using was unable to keep up with demand and our hosts, without warning, suspended our account!

This has forced 24 hours of work to try and get the site back up and running on our new server with a new host. Unfortunately, because of the site’s size this is now no small undertaking, to put it into perspective, for anyone interested here are some statistics on the current!

Over 14,500 registered members
Over 135,000 posts
Over 1600 unique visitors per day with over 180,000
2800 attachments
Over 2.5 million searchable words
2.28 GB of files
Over 7800 files
A database over 170mb when backed up as text

Although the way we have had to move servers has been horrible and un-planned it is a testament to how the site continues to grow.

We are likely to have some teething problems as parts of the site are brought back to full operation, however, hopefully everything should be back to normal as much as possible now.

Many thanks to everyone for making what it is


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