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Alpha GSE canopy for Navara D40 Review

As one of the first articles to be published on Navara Owners Club I’d like to give a brief review of my all new and shiny Alpha GSE canopy bought from 4×4 Accessories and Tyres in Leeming Bar.

After a lot of research I was drawn to this canopy as a replacement for my old, basic Leer top which I’ve had on my truck for the last couple of years. My main reasoning for this particular option was largely due to the styling, features and my previous experience with a Alpha canopy on my old D22.

4x4AT provided full fitting facilities so I sat in their waiting area with the coffee machine whilst the top was fitted. This is a relatively simple process and which involves clamping the cab onto the rear with six clamps which gives a great finish and doesn’t restrict your usage of the C Channels for anything else.

The canopy also features a high level brake light, heated rear windscreen and internal light activated by a door close latch in the tailgate. Whilst it comes with a wiring loom in order to use these 4x4AT don’t fit this as they do not have electricians available to do this properly.

So, back home I decided to wire this in, as a warning to anyone who is thinking of doing this – if you are not comfortable with electrics and don’t have a multimeter I would suggest getting a professional auto-electrician to do this, you could end up making a mess of your pride and joy if you get it wrong.

So, final result – great canopy – the build quality is excellent with a really solid back door and a brilliant finish. The extra weight on the back and the added aerodynamics has helped the fuel consumption and does slightly improve the handling.

Alpha GSE

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1 comment to Alpha GSE canopy for Navara D40 Review

  • Dusty

    It’s nearly a year sinc eyou put the Alpha GSE Canonpy on your Navara (Great looking rig BTW). How is it going now regarding dust/water ingress, and overall wear and tear?

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